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About me

Inspired by my family’s musical roots
(previous generations have yielded a composer 
as well as a conductor)
and by violin and piano lessons during my own formative years, the latter taken with my great-grandmother, 
a music teacher, I first began the artistic exploration 
of my “inner self” in 2006. 
"Digital Art" and "Abstract Painting" came into my life seemingly by chance. In retrospect, I am quite grateful for this. Through fortuitous circumstances I have also come to know some absolutely extraordinary people 
whose influence I still feel to this day. 
My love for music is as powerful as ever and is integral to my artistic work. I listen to music while I paint. It doesn’t matter what genre, the important thing is that it really gets under your skin. It centres me completely and produces a sense for abstract shapes and 
harmonious colour compositions. 
Besides, there is also an underlying thread that runs through my work, one that has inspired me time and again over the years: 
“Where does human existence begin and 
where is the beginning of its end?” 
In particular, deeply moving conversations in encounters with people who are very close to the end of their lives or with others who, for whatever reason, live on the fringes of society have fundamentally changed my view of the world and have influenced my artistic path to this day.